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Course Synopsis

“Life beyond Addiction” represents a bold, new “on-line” approach to the treatment of addiction, in general, and gambling disorders (compulsive gambling), in particular. Developed by two state-certified problem gambling counselors with a combined recovery span of more than 20 years, the course contains nine dynamic lessons, which are sub-divided in to 59 individual teachings-PACKED WITH CRITICAL INFORMATION for those who genuinely desire not only to stop their addictive behavior (s) but also to live a life beyond addiction that is satisfying, meaningful, rewarding and FREE. The first section of the course (Lessons One through Five) deals mainly with the symptoms, causes and effects of gambling disorders (compulsive addiction) while the last section (Lessons Six through Lesson Nine) addresses treatment, beginning with Lesson Six, titled, “Decision to Recover.” The final two teachings (teachings six and seven), in Lesson Nine, conclude the course with an inspiring view of what genuine recovery looks and feels like. In closing, it must be noted that this course neither promises nor guarantees any type of cure from addiction, in general, or a gambling disorder, in particular. However, it can be said with certainty that a life beyond addiction is available to those addicts who are TRULY WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to stop addictive behavior(s).

Happy Recovery to All!


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Requirement for Certificate of Completion

Participants, who enroll in the course are required to complete all course-related work within 45 days. Completion results in a Certificate of Completion that is dated and signed by the instructor. PLEASE NOTE: Participants, who fail to complete the course within 45 days will be timed out; they will need to re-enroll in the course at the original price and begin again. No Exceptions.