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Life beyond Addiction

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Second Chance PGTC Course Title: Life beyond Addiction

Course Policies
If this is your first experience with online learning, you are likely to find it a lot different than traditional classroom instruction. First, you can set your own pace within the guidelines of the course. Second, you-and you alone-are responsible for your learning. So, we encouraged you to dedicate the time, attention and effort required to benefit as much as you can from our course, titled “Life beyond Addiction.”

Time Required to Complete Course
Although you may take this course at your own pace, you are expected to complete it within forty (45) days from the date you started. Second Chance Problem Gambling Treatment Center (PGTC) initiated the 45-day time requirement as a means to motivate participants to finish the course in a timely manner. Once the above-mentioned time limit has passed, the participant must re-enroll again to finish the course.

Individual Lessons
Lessons may be taken individually and in no set order. Each lesson must be purchased individually, and a digital download of the course content will be provided upon payment confirmation.

Withdrawal From Course
Individuals, who wish, may withdraw from the course at any time. If you withdraw prior to accessing any course materials, you will receive a 100% refund minus a $50 administrative fee. However, once you receive materials and begin the course, no refunds will be granted. Please email a letter with your name, address, email address and a request for a refund to The refund will be issued only to the party who paid for the course.

Course Cancellation
Second Chance PGTC reserves the right to cancel any course at any time. If Second Chance PGTC cancels a course or any part of the course (lesson), you will receive a full refund for the appropriate amount. We also reserve the right to cancel the enrollment of any learner who violates course policies. An example of cancellation of enrollment could be a violation of copyright or course policies. If we cancel an enrollment, the participant will receive the applicable refund amount for the portion of the course not taken.

Copyright Statement
The course, titled “Life beyond Addiction” is covered and protected by the following notice of copyright:  Copyright © 2015 Second Chance Problem Gambling Treatment Center. The copyright applies to/and protects any artwork, sound recordings and/or written materials. All rights reserved.

While you are invited to use the materials from the course to learn, you may not  let others, who are not registered in the course; hear audio, view or read pages, either on the screen or in printed form. Also, you may not make copies of any copyrighted and/or all-rights-reserved materials either electronically or optically or allow anyone else to do so without the express permission from Second Chance Problem Gambling Treatment Center. Further, you may not incorporate any copyrighted materials or derivatives into other works.

In closing, you are encouraged to use materials you create as part of the course; however, you may not use any materials created by others, who are taking the course, without their written permission. This includes but is not limited to written assignments submitted to Second Chance PGTC, postings to discussion groups or any online comments or other collaborative events.