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The Path To Recovery Begins Now

Rick Smith, CPGC

A recovering pathological / compulsive gambler, with more than 15 years of abstinence; Rick Smith, founder of Second Chance Problem Gambling Treatment Center, knows the perils of problem gambling only too well and more importantly what it takes to quit.  “I lost my dignity and self-respect,” he says, “and more importantly, time I will never get back.”

A state certified problem gambling counselor, Rick offers a unique treatment program that combines the latest therapeutic techniques with the time-honored 12-step program of recovery.

“When used together, the two approaches provide highly effective therapy that leads to favorable results,” he says.

A former registered nurse, Rick knows the value of simple human kindness and understanding.

“Those who come to Second Chance are usually in crisis.  They need someone who can listen.  Someone who values them not only as a client but also as a human being.”

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